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(Neuro)computational Modeling (MOD)

Richard Feynman once said, “What I cannot create, I do not understand”. Computational Neuro-modelling has been neuroscience’s way of adhering to this principle. Although, a mature discipline, recent advances in machine learning and AI have disrupted the status quo — in its wake creating boundless new opportunities. As part of this transversal perspective, our intention is to bring together experts from across the spectrum; experimentalists interested in building models to modelers who would like to test their hypothesis, under one umbrella. We have members in this group who are experts in spiking neural networks, deep learning, statistics and their applications to analyzing and modelling neuroscientific data. As part of our vision, we would like to host regular meetings at the intersection of these various topics with in-house lectures and invited speakers. The overall intention is to make each other aware of the talent in modeling available locally in Amsterdam and provide a breeding ground for new ideas and collaborations in computational neuro-modeling.