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Translational Science (TS)

As a transversal perspective, the Translational Science pillar aims to connect researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds in order to facilitate the translation of their findings from bench-to-bedside.
Translational science wants to facilitate a fast turnover of basic science findings into new therapies, medical procedures and/or diagnostics. Given the strong emphasis among governing bodies and grant agencies to promote societal impact and short term valorization of fundamental research, the Translational Science pillar aims to promote such translational efforts within ABC.
We want to identify and align specific research paradigms and protocols available within the many strong labs in ABC working on both basic science and clinical applications and help them make a transition from pre-clinical to more clinical/diagnostic/therapeutic research approaches.
Our main objective is to provide a platform for these researchers to network and help set up new collaborations and thereby make their translational ambitions and efforts more efficient and efficacious.


Prof. Ad de Jongh

  • Faculty ACTA - Faculty of Dentistry
  • Department Department of Oral Public Health
  • Group Behavioral sciences
  • Other Affiliation Honorary professor in Psychology at: University of Worcester, Worcester (UK)| Salford University, Manchester (UK)| Queen's University, Belfast (Northern Ireland)| and Head of Research, PSYTREC, Bilthoven| l
  • Position Professor
  • Email